Statutes of the Open Online Courses (OOC) contest EdCrunch Award OOC - 2019


1.1. The fiftth International open online courses (OOC) contest EdCrunchAward OOC - 2019 (hereinafter - the Contest) was initiated by the organizers of the International Conference on New Educational Technologies EdCrunch

1.2. Goals and objectives. The Goals of the Contest is improving the quality of the education system, including formal, informal and nonformal education, through the introduction of best practices in the use of e-learning and distance education technologies (EL and DET)

1.3 Contest Objectives:

1.4. The contest is held in one stage without preliminary selection of the Contest participants.

1.5. Participants of the Contest can be both state and non-state educational organizations, commercial organizations, and individuals, incl. freelancers, educators and  teachers of educational organizations of all types. There are no restrictions on age and employment history. The contest accepts courses that did not participate in the EdCrunch Award OOC of previous years. The course can take part in several nominations. The course description should clearly correspond to its presentation, the formal information will be checked at the stage of course selection. The contester should provide the required guest login to the course and password for experts. Without providing access to the course it will not be accepted for the EdCrunch Award OOC contest.

1.6 Materials are submitted for the contest through the official site of the contest 2019 http://edtek.ru . The information about past competitions can be found at site: http://www.courseon.info/edcrunch

1.7. The content of the material and its specific topic is determined by the Contestant at his/her discretion, based on the objectives of the Contest.


2.1. The founders and organizers of the Contest are:

(the list is replenished)

2.2. The organizers carry out the following functions:

2.3. Organizers of the Contest provide:

  2.4. Information partners of the contest are:

(the list is replenished)

Private Educational Organization "Center for Continuing Education" Snail "

Massive distance educational competitions and olympiads for children and teachers in various subjects. The sponsor of the competition, the founder of the nomination, which this year was singled out in a separate contest - the Second International Competition of Distance Learning Children’s Competitions EdCrunch Award OEC - 2019

HyperMethod Company

Development and implementation of solutions for the selection, adaptation, evaluation and  personnel development, organization of distance learning, knowledge management and the educational process in companies and educational institutions. Solutions are represented by the company's main product lines - eLearning 4G and Hypermethod Assessment Tools. Sponsor of the competition, founder of a separate nomination Contest of new ideas in online courses

The first public iptv "Distant TV"

Informing the general public about the most relevant areas, tasks, prospects of the educational technologies and distance learning developments, the improving digital and information literacy of the general public.

Publishing house "BINOM. Knowledge Laboratory"

actively developing scientific publishing house that specializes in publishing school textbooks, methodical literature


3.1. Participation in the Contest is remote (online) and voluntary. The contest affects three levels of the education system (secondary, higher and vocational).

3.2. The contest is held in four nominations:

Sponsors are invited to the other nominations, who will be able to attract courses created on their platform, equipment, etc., but not put up their own courses for their nominated competition. Sponsors provide clarifications to the criteria and participate in the examination on a par with the contest’s experts.

You can add course application in three categories. The following options are possible:


Attention! If there is a novelty in the course, if there is something that is not in other courses, then the course can be submitted to the nomination Best New Idea in Online Courses.

This must be reflected in the detailed course description, highlighting the novelty that is used in the course, what technology, design, etc. Participation in this nomination is confirmed by the founder, the course can be removed from the nomination for nn-compliance.

If you want to apply for the EdCrunch Award OEC distance learning children contest, fill in the form for adding an event by selecting the section EdCrunch Award OEC 2019

3.3. The application form for the online application is on site http://edtek.ru/kurs/dobavlenie-kursa.php

In the online course data, a link to the resource for the actual OOC is indicated .

3.4. Key dates

The contest is held from May 6 to September 25, 2019:

May 6, 2019

the beginning of applications for the Contest

September 15, 2019

the end of the application for the Contest

Until September 20, 2019

Expert course quality evaluation in the distant mode by  the received applications consideration

September 25, 2019

Summing up and identifying the winners of the Contest

1-2 October 2019

awarding the winners of the Contest in the framework of the international conference on new educational technologies #EdCrunch

3.5. The terms of participation:

Participation in the Contest is free of charge. From each organization or individual, no more than 3 online courses can participate in the Contest. For the duration of the evaluation there should be access for experts to the online courses participating in the Contest.

The course card is filled in on the contest website, immediately after filling in the card, an application in scanned form with the signatures of all course co-authors should be sent to the contest email.

The authors, submitting the work, confirm that the rights of third parties are not violated, and all claims for such rights should be resolved self consistently.

Regulations on contests participating in the nomination “Contest of distance learning children’s contests” are published on the Contest page.


4.1. Experts select the Organizing Committee of the contest with the involvement of leading experts in the field of online learning. Experts are formed both from professionals in online courses creation - designers, producers, profile specialists, and from consumers, customers, employers and students of courses. For each nomination, an expert commission is formed from the relevant specialists. Each expert can participate in several expert commissions in different nominations.

Information about experts with a photo is published on the forum site EdCrunch 2018 http://2019.edcrunch.ru/ and on the back-end site of the contest http://edtek.ru

The status of the expert gives the right to participate free of charge in the events of the forum. Expertise of the online courses quality is conducted by an expert group (in the directions) approved by the organizing committee of the conference (hereinafter the organizing committee). Directions of the online courses quality evaluation are developed and approved by the organizing committee. The work of the expert group takes place as the applications are received. The competitive work is evaluated through the presentation of ratings in the quality sections and the average summation of the scores, averaging is done by the number of experts participating in the course evaluation. The Organizing Committee determines the minimum acceptable  number of experts that assesses a single course.

4.2. The results of the course evaluation without expert personal naming can be accessed by the Contest participants on request and in social networks.

4.3. The expert group reserves the right to reject the participation of the contestant if the contest material does not meet the requirements and criteria specified in the Regulation, and also contains plagiarism.

4.4. Publication of the results of the contest is open, carried out on the forum's website on the day of contest results announcement.


5.1. Winners and prize-winners who took the second and third places of the Competition are awarded with diplomas.

Winners of the competition, who won first place in each direction (and other places on organiser’s decision), are awarded with a diploma and a cash prize in the amount determined by the organizers of the forum. Sponsors and participants of the forum have the right to award additional prizes of the Contest in their nominations. In this case, they award prizes in their own name.

5.2. Participants who have passed formal requirements for participation in the Competition are given certificates of the contestant.


6.1. Evaluation criteria and procedures for evaluating competitive open online courses (quality categories of open online courses) are published on social networks https://www.facebook.com/groups/CourseQuality/.

6.2. The sample categories for assessing the quality of online courses are as follows:

Expert commissions of the contest nominations can choose their own categories (dimensions) for the online courses evaluation and add new categories that are reported publicly before the contest applications submission.

The categories of evaluation for each contest nomination may contain their own set of criteria for courses evaluation by agreement of the relevant expert commissions

The proposed categories for courses quality evaluation on the best practices of online courses creation:

The proposed categories for courses quality evaluation on best practices for implementing online courses:

(the list is replenished)

6.3. Recommendations for courses evaluation in nominations can also be left to free voting by experts.


Below is a list of expert communities that can participate in assessing the quality of courses by the appropriate categories of quality rubric that they are recommended to assess

Expert categories:

Producers, creators of courses

Content Authors


Engineering teachers (pedagogical engineers)



Administrators in training

Specialists in the subject area, scientists in the subject

Students - learners

Consumers of student’s results - employers, universities, recruitment agencies

Customers (government officials, parents, community organizations)

Marketers, managers in education and educational business

Media specialists

Category of quality rubric recommended for evaluation by experts

Producers, creators of courses

Content Authors


Engineering teachers (pedagogical engineers)




Specialists in the subject area, scientists in the subject

Students - students (recipients, consumers of courses)

Consumers of courses results - employers, universities, recruitment agencies

Customers (government officials, parents, community organizations)

Marketers, managers

* Appendix 1 to the Regulations on the Contest

OOC is understood as any of the known types of online courses, the distinguishing features of which are the absence of restrictions on the number of course participants (although they can be organized into small groups according to the instruction or learning technology) and open access to the course, at least concerning its basic content.

Course - the learning process is usually understood as a unit (module), a specific component of a more wider educational program for a particular discipline (topic), the whole part of the prescribed studies, containing the curriculum. In a personalized learning course can be studied also out of the program limits and bounds.

The program and course are understood as the Teaching (learning) process - the subject activity or the planned/occasional process in the time of obtaining (transferring, pulling out) knowledge, skills, competencies through training, teaching, education, study, practice, research, self-education and other types of learning activity. Here the educational process differs from the teaching (educational) resources, a variety of educational materials that are repeatedly used to support learning, studying, teaching.

An online course is a course in which all training takes place using online communication technologies and that does not require a face-to-face offline meeting with the instructor.

To OOC for the purposes of this contest, we refer any of the following known OOC classification, including MOOC, excluding cMOOC (connectivist massive open online course) due to undefined technology of quality evaluation of such courses: