• Вид продукта: другое
  • Вид образования: формальный
  • Уровень образования: MBA
  • Специального назначения для лиц ОВЗ: нет
  • Области образования и профессиональной подготовки: Общественные науки
  • Целевая аудитория: менеджеры в образовании
  • Обучающие технологии: игровая технология
  • Условия продажи (тарифы): franchise for training companies, resellers and for business schools, universities
  • Базовая цена: 300Euro per player
  • Поддержка: www.fligby.com

  • Ссылка на продукт: https://www.fligby.com/
  • Контакты (email для заказа): Zoltan@buzady.hu
Developed by world-ren Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, the founder of creativity studies and the flow concept
Simulation of Human Emotions for becoming a better manager 
Measuring 29 Leadership Skill during the process.
Fun to learn and excercise via video-gaming cloud-technology

Полное описание

Key facts about the stream ( the FLOW)

  • FLOW is a physical, psychological and emotional state in which a person is completely immersed in his activity with a feeling of energetic, focused attention, full involvement and pleasure. The concepts of STREAM, creativity and happiness are linked.

  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, an outstanding scientist in the social sciences, has found an ingenious way to measure happiness. A group of teenagers were given pagers that randomly sounded their beeps several times during the day. They were asked briefly to write down and send their thoughts and feelings during the sound signals. Most of the texts were received after the beeps indicated that the teens were unhappy or uncomfortable. But when their energy was focused on a more complex task at the time of the sound signal, they were, as a rule, immediately animated. Professor Csikszentmihalyi form his Flow Theory.

  • Studies conducted around the world have shown that people who experience a deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure in any activity, even if the task is quite simple, report a remarkably similar psychological state that many describe using an analogy with "external force tightening" or light, almost effortless, "movement with a flow of energy." Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi gave the name "Flow" (FLOW) to this common experience.

  • While most people like to work in the state of Flow, unfortunately, few activities are able to provide the state of the Flow. And here the company management can play a significant role.

  • For a manager or leader who is really "aching" with the success of his company, the first priority is to remove obstacles on the way of the Stream .

  • The workplace that creates the flow is ideal, since it attracts the most capable people, keeps them longer in this place, and the company receives the maximum of their efforts in response. Such a workplace is also attractive for the employees themselves, because it helps them to feel themselves happy, support their development and personal growth.

Dr. Zoltan Buzadi

Professor of Management,

Director of the Global Program for Research in the Field of Flow and Leadership


Basic facts about FLIGBY

  • Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a co-author of FLIGBY, an innovative tool that teaches to generate the state of the Flow in the workplace.

  • FLIGBY was created by experts as the best game in the world for leadership development (Gold Medal, International Association of Serious Games, Seattle, 2012).

  • The game uses realistic simulation in an interactive, film-like environment, teaching how to create and promote the Flow in the workplace. Future, as well as today's leaders will identify themselves with the main character of the simulation and learn from it.

  • FLIGBY is the "gaming" of the process of growing leadership skills based on the Flow theory. We demonstrate how to build a full-fledged training / course on this theory or use it to enrich and revitalize existing development programs.

  • Despite the fact that FLIGBY is based on the Flow theory, the problems of leadership and the solutions that the game represents are fully compatible with a wide range of theories of leadership and approaches and only strengthen them.

  • At the end of the game, FLIGBY provides an individual report to each player on his / her skills and competencies, with various benchmarking options.

  • FLIGBY brings pleasure and inspiration in the learning process to a wide range of leadership issues; most players personally experience the state of the Stream during the game.

  • FLIGBY is a powerful tool for training and consulting, necessary for any organization interested in improving the efficiency of its managers / leaders. Try it yourself and see what the results will be!

  • The extensive FLIGBY database offers a unique research capability, as measured by the player's leadership skills, based on non-intrusive observations, which gives objective and unbiased results.

Dr. Zoltan Buzadi

Professor of Management,

Director of the Global Program for Research in the Field of Flow and Leadership


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